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The Next Year: Musical Project: Best Leading Actor 1964

The Nominees:
Anthony Quinn – Zorba the Greek
Peter O’Toole – Becket
Peter Sellers – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
Rex Harrison – My Fair Lady
Richard Burton – Becket
So what do you think? Who will I pick? What will be my ranking of these performances? What is your ranking? Write in comments.

The Musical Project (1)

I hope that now after finally watching National Velvet to the end, I will be much more active on the blog and to prove that, I’m starting the first of many project I have prepared for the future. It is the musical project.
Here are the years I am going to do (I’ll review the performances (and years) in the order I’m writting down)
a) best leading actor 1964
1. Anthony Quinn – Zorba the Greek
2. Peter Sellers – Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
3. Richard Burton – Becket
4. Peter O’Toole – Becket
5. Rex Harrison – My Fair Lady

b) best supporting actor 1972
1. Eddie Albert – The Heartbreak Kid
2. James Caan – The Godfather
3. Robert Duvall – The Godfather
4. Al Pacino – The Godfather
5. Joel Grey – Cabaret

c) best supporting actress 2002, 2006, or 2012?
Here I want you to help me to choose which of these three years should I do as a part of my musical project. So write your suggestions in comments…

d) best leading actress 1968
1. Joanne Woodward – Rachel Rachel (it’s going to be very tough to watch that awful film again)
2. Vanessa Redgrave – Isadora
3. Patricia Neal – The Subject Was Roses
4. Katherine Hepburn – The Lion in Winter
5. Barbra Streisand – Funny Girl

Best Supporting Actress 1945

5. Joan Lorring – The Corn Is Green
Lorring’s performance in The Corn Is Green is really very annoying. She overacted every moment she had and there is probably not a single convincing thing about her performance. Only a few things save her from getting the lowest rating from me… 

4. Angela Lansbury – The Picture of Dorian Gray
I really like Angela Lansbury, but this performance of her is really nothing special. Her way of portraying is very subtle, but that makes it a bit boring and forgettable. I don’t think she brought anything to this character. Except from her first scene she sings in, there is not a single one scene of her performance that would be mention-worthy. But at least she wasn’t bad…

3. Ann Blyth – Mildred Pierce
Though she wasn’t bad and her presence in the film is very fine, I always found her portrayal to be a bit non-complex. Her delivers the lines quite well, but she doesn’t handle them as the characters tells her, but as the script tell her. And that’s not very good… 

2. Anne Revere – National Velvet
Revere is very fine in her role of the mother. She does exactly what the film wants her to, though nothing more, her character is grateful enough to make it enough. Her performance makes her character very likable and I am really sorry for not picking her as my winner…

1. Eve Arden – Mildred Pierce
Though it was very difficult to choose, I’m finally going with Arden. In such a short screen-time (shorter than Revere had) she gives us a believable portrayal of a woman, that she makes so interesting, that I would not mind watching the film she would be a leading character in. It’s really obvious Arden enjoyed playing this character and she did it with such an ease. Any other actress would make it a completely forgettable character… 

Best Supporting Actress 1945: Anne Revere – National Velvet

I already wrote I couldn’t ever watch National Velvet to the end. I always started to watch, then it bored me, or I had something important to do, so I stopped it and couldn’t force myself to finish it. Therefore you’d expect I won’t like the film. But when I got through the critical part of it (which is the first 50 minutes), I really enjoyed it, because at the end it’s really very solid.
Anne Revere plays Mrs. Brown, mother of Velvet – the girl who wants to win the national race. Revere’s character is very likable. It’s somehow the contrast to the character of Velvet’s father. Though he isn’t unlikable, he always cares only about the money, but Mrs. Brown doesn’t care about the material things, on the other hand.
Revere handles this character fairly well, but her presence wasn’t enough to make me watch the film till the end. It doesn’t mean she failed somewhere. It only means she didn’t have many things to do with her character. It’s a very fine performance, very subtle one, but it isn’t anything breathtaking. It’s not so remarkable, that you will think about it a long time after watching the film, but her portrayal of this character was very decent. She did what she was supposed to. And she did it really well. She didn’t do anything more than that, but even this is enough.
For some time in the middle of the film her character disappears from the screen. But when we see Mrs. Brown again, we realize we’re happy to see her again. And that’s the proof of the fact, that she gave a very good performance…

Oscar Random Thoughts

First of all I was really pleased by the performance of our host Seth MacFarlane. He was the best host since Hugh Jackman. Not all of his jokes were extremely funny, but at least they weren’t embarrassing. And I really loved his ‘We Saw Your Boobs’ number.
And now to the winners:

Best picture: This year I really loved four films: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Les Misérables and Life of Pi (in alphabetical order). And only Life of Pi had some chance to win, so I was keeping my fingers crossed for him. But I understood it was down to Argo and Lincoln.
Actually all of the nominees are great, except from Zero Dark Thirty and Lincoln. Only American citizens can enjoy these film, because the themes of them are very close to them, but they are basically not very good films. So therefore I’m happy Argo won, though he would be probably the third worst film of the list. But his qualities are far above Zero Dark Thirty’s and Lincoln’s.
1) Les Misérables   *5/5
2) Django Unchained   *5/5
3) Beats of the Southern Wild   *5/5
4) Life of Pi   *5/5
5) Amour   *5/5
6) Silver Linings Playbook   *4/5
7) Argo   *4/5
8) Lincoln   *3/5
9) Zero Dark Thirty   *2.5/5

Best directing: From these nominees I would prefer Benh Zeitlin. Michael Haneke and David O. Russell were very fine, but on the second place I have Ang Lee. I was really happy he won, because Steven didn’t deserve to win his third for this one.
1) Benh Zeitlin – Beats of the Southern Wild   *5/5
2) Ang Lee – Life of Pi   *5/5
3) Michael Haneke – Amour   *4.5/5
4) David O. Russell – Silver Linings Playbook   *4/5
5) Steven Spielberg – Lincoln   *3/5

Best original screenplay:
1) Django Unchained   *5/5
2) Amour   *4.5/5
3) Moonrise Kingdom   *4/5
4) Flight   *3.5/5
5) Zero Dark Thirty   *3/5

Best adapted screenplay:
1) Beats of the Southern Wild   *4.5/5
2) Life of Pi   *4/5
3) Silver Linings Playbook   *3.5/5
4) Argo   *3.5/5
5) Lincoln   *2.5/5

animated feature:
1) Wreck-It-Ralph   *4.5/5
2) Pirates! Band of Misfits   *4/5
3) Frankenweenie   *3.75/5
4) ParaNorman   *3.5/5
5) Brave   *3/5

1) Life of Pi   *4.5/5
2) Skyfall   *4/5
3) Lincoln   *3/5
4) Django Unchained   *3/5
5) Anna Karenina   *2.5/5

art direction:
1) Les Misérables   *4.5/5
2) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey   *3.5/5
3) Life of Pi   *3.5/5
4) Lincoln   *3/5
5) Anna Karenina   *1/5

costume design:
1) Mirror Mirror   *5/5
2) Les Misérables   *5/5
3) Snow White and the Huntsman   *4.5/5
4) Anna Karenina   *3/5
5) Lincoln   *3/5

1) Les Misérables   *5/5
2) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey   *3/5
3) Hitchcock   *3/5

sound mixing:
1) Les Misérables   *4.5/5
2) Life of Pi   *4.5/5
3) Skyfall   *4.5/5
4) Lincoln   *3.5/5
5) Argo   *2/5

sound editing:
1) Skyfall   *5/5
2) Life of Pi   *4/5
3) Django Unchained   *2.5/5
4) Zero Dark Thirty   *2.5/5
5) Argo   *2/5

film editing:
1) Life of Pi   *4/5
2) Argo   *4/5
3) Silver Linings Playbook   *3.5/5
4) Zero Dark Thirty   *3/5
5) Lincoln   *3/5

1) Skyfall – Skyfall   *4.5/5
2) Everybody Needs A Best Friend – Ted   *4.5/5
3) Suddenly – Les Misérables   *3.5/5
4) Pi’s Lullaby – Life of Pi   *3/5
5) Before My Time – Chasing Ice (haven’t seen the film though)   *2/5

1) Life of Pi   *4.5/5
2) Skyfall   *4.5/5
3) Lincoln   *3.5/5
4) Anna Karenina   *2.5/5
5) Argo   *2/5

visual effects:
1) Life of Pi   *5/5
2) Snow White and the Huntsman   *4.5/5
3) Prometheus   *4/5
4) The Avengers   3.5/5
5) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey   *3.5/5

My projects for the future

Hi there!
Now I know (and I knew it from my Jackman’s review) that I won’t be able to do best supporting actress 2012 till the big ceremony, I’m going to to it some time later, because I don’t have spirits for watching some too new films. First of all I’m going to finish best supporting actress 1945.
And then I’m gonna start with one of my projects. So, what will my project will be about?
I will find one winner in every of the four acting categories. These four winners need to have something in common. So, for example if I choose to do musical project I will for example choose these years:
best leading actor 1956 – Yul Brynner for The King and I won
best leading actress 1972 – Liza Minnelli for Cabaret won
best supporting actor 1961 – George Chakiris for West Side Story won
best supporting actress 2002 – Catherine Zeta-Jones for Chicago
(note: This is just an example: I may choose these years, but I don’t have to.)
So here are some projects that I’m planning on to do:
The musical project – winning performance is from musical
The foreign project – winning performance is from foreign language film, or the performance is (at least in some noticeable part) in foreign language
The only nominees project – winning performance is the only nomination the film got
The double-nominee project – winning performance had at least one college nominated for his performance for the same film in the same category
The Martin Scorsese project – winning performance is from Martin Scorsese’s film

So now that you know some of the following projects, I would be happy for your suggestions of the years that would fit at least one of the projects…

Best Leading Actor 2012

5. Denzel Washington – Flight
Denzel Washington just failed to create a good portrayal of an alcoholic. He never seemed to be drunk, even in the moments he should be, because it’s said so in the script. He really had a grateful role to play, but he didn’t use it, at all. I’m not saying he doesn’t have any good scenes, of course he has, but most of the time he is just overshadowed by his co-actors (Kelly Reilly, John Goodman)…

4. Joaquin Phoenix – The Master
Phoenix, who is also playing alcoholic, gave better performance than Washington, but he had the opposite problem than Washington had. Phoenix seemed to be drunk all the time, instead. But I can’t deny the fact that he had some effective scenes, especially at the beginning of the film and then some scenes with Philip Seymour Hoffman. I can see this performance being celebrated in about ten years, for it really is iconic…

3. Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln
I really didn’t like Lincoln. It’s very emotionless and cold and so I feel about Lewis’s performance. He never showed Lincoln as a person and just like the film, his performance is emotionless. But though it’s very subtle and minimalistic, it’s very effective. Lewis has something inside of himself that made me unable to take my eyes of him. In many ways it reminded me of Gary Oldman’s performance in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (but I would prefer Oldman a little bit)…

2. Bradley Cooper – Silver Linings Playbook
Cooper was perfect in reflecting the chaotic feelings his character Pat had from life into his performance. He had a great chemistry with all of his co-actors and I really liked his scenes he was supposed to be angry in. I would never expect such a complex performance from Cooper, but he really surprised me. And I was very close to giving him the win…

1. Hugh Jackman – Les Misérables
Jackman was really the only option for playing this role. He was perfect from the beginning and though he later is more supporting, when he appears on the screen he is always extremely enjoyable and effective. He never allows himself to be overshadowed by anyone from the cast and he is a worthy adversary to everyone. He only lost the points (or half the point), because the two most boring songs (Suddenly, Bring Him Home) of the film (that I loved) are sung by him…