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Best Leading Actress 2009

August 10, 2011

5. Gabourey Sidibe – Precious
This is actually not a bad performance and it’s very close to Meryl Streep, but probably this was the weakest performance. She is only sad all the time she is on the screen and the worst thing is that she was overshadowed by Mo’Nique. But for a debut it was really great performance and Gabourey did maybe the best she could do in this role…

4. Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia
Meryl had to be watching Julia Child the hole day before making this film. Every her move was done with maximal similarity with real Julia. There was only one difference:the real Julia Child never seemed to me so agreeable. It’s very good performance, but not the Meryl’s best. And not even this year’s best…

3. Carey Mulligan – An Education
Great, funny and charming performance. I have nothing bad to say to this performance, here was just a big competition. She’s the reason that the film is as great, as it is. Her scenes with Alfred Molina are wonderful and the scenes with Dominic Cooper are great just because of her. She was not very experienced, while making this film, but she gave us a performance which could simply be given by an older actress…

2. Helen Mirren – The Last station
This is one of the strongest years. My nominees would be just the same and I can hardly pick the winner. Helen is terribly close to Sandra, but finally I decided this ranking. As Tolstoy’s wife Helen gives wonderful and realistic performance in (sometimes a little bit boring, but still) good film and she (with Christopher Plummer) makes this film even better…

1. Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side
Who would ever be thinking of that? That Sandra Bullock could give us as great performance, as she won an Oscar for it?! This was a great shock for me, but Sandra gives a great and realistic performance in The Blind Side and it’s worth of watching mostly because of her. And I heard a good news about her:She is trying to get another nomination, because her next film is directed by Stephen Daldry. And she will be Extremely Loud and Incredibly close (to another nomination) in it…

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