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Best Supporting Actress 1978

August 1, 2011

5. Penelope Milford – Coming Home
I don´t really understand her nomination, I think, that they nominated her just because they loved the film, so they wanted to give it as nominees, as possible. Coming Home is a greatly played great film, but Milford did nothing in her role. She was not bad, but not even very good. She was just normal and I think, that her role couldn´t be played very badly. So for me one of the most misunderstood nomination…

4. Meryl Streep – The Deer Hunter
This was a little bit better performance, Streep had something to play, but I was still not charmed and I would not even give her a nomination. Meryl is a wonderful actress and she gave very much into this performance, but I always found it “just” good. Nothing less, but even nothing more…

3. Dyan Cannon – Heaven Can Wait
Good performance, but still it´s nothing special. She plays a rich and big-headed woman, which tried to kill her husband. But her try was not successful. And she gets mad of it. Cannon is overacting a lot of time, she is on the screen and I would still not probably even give her a nomination. It was perhaps a bad year for this category. You must see that, if you look at the nominees…

2. Maureen Stapleton – Interiors
This is the first performance, I would give a nomination to. Funny and wonderfully charming performance. When she appears on the screen, she steals every piece of the watchers attention for herself. And her last scene (which is the last scene of the film) is very dramatic and I believed her even the dramatic part of her character. Very well done…

1. Maggie Smith – California Suite
For me – as to an OscarFan – it was a great experience to watch a film about the Oscars and even greater was to watch and actress wonderfully playing another actress, which tries to win an Oscar. And it was even great to know, that this actress id Maggie Smith and to know, that she won one Oscar for this role. And I have no demur for that…

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